Flowers School

Flowers School

“Make them learn in a vivant atmosphere”

“Schools should be magnificent too”
- We spend almost half of our lives in schools, when we’re young and after that when we birth kids , who they will attend schools too , that’s why it’s the place from where we started and where we will finish. We want to make these immortal places more memorable for us and the new generation. Children nowadays get bored easily , and they like to see more enjoyable colorful places. This is was my aim , and I painted this giant rose to allow everyone to see it from the first step at the door and they start their bright day with a smile , even pictures will look nicer in that corner.

- Their mental health as their psychological health is crucial to build up their personalities , and we want to raise a brave generation to guide the future.

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    • 13/01/2022
  • collége Bkalta street art mahdia peinture fleurs artiste