“The Eagle”

“The Eagle”

[ From a concept to that spiritual bird ]
- This Tunisian Eagle idea as we named it came from our daily life living conditions.

- Metaphorically that living creature illustrate the power , kids in that neighborhood used to see birds almost everyday fly by while waving for them to the sky with a cheerful smile .. their souls wanted to be as brave and free as at least these birds so that idea jumped in my mind ‘why I don’t give these kids more’ ? and with art I can definitely make that bird a part of their lives forever from a generation to another and here how this painting came out with some techniques and some bright colors to give charm to the place children now can look at it and remember their childhood days and how they were searching for freedom even when they get older just by passing down the street..

- It’s kind of a forever memorable souvenir.

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    • Ksar said 2. Tunis
    • 23/12/2019